About CFA

Independent dealers founded the Cottonseed and Feed Association in 1979 to, initially; promote the trading of cottonseed products.  It was designed and intended to promote and facilitate communication, cooperation and the exchange of ideas and information among its members.  The Association acquires, assembles, disseminates and preserves information of value to the traders of cottonseed, cottonseed products and feed ingredients.  In general, we try to carry on such activities as may be necessary and appropriate to promote and advance the feed industry.

The Association has been instrumental in developing contract forms and terms and in identifying trading guidelines in reference to activity in our industry.  Recently, we outlined and established defined cottonseed trade regions for most of the production areas in the U.S.  We hold active membership in National Cottonseed Products Association, National Cotton Council and National Grain and Feed Association.

The Cottonseed and Feed Association has a broad and diverse membership across the nation.  Member firms from over 25 states are both domestic and international in scope and participation.  We are in the process of updating our website and should have it available soon.  The annual meeting, held in July, provides a forum for active exchanges with members and has been held at some great locations.

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